The Winegrowers

Sylvie & Christophe Jacquel from Clos de Vènes are independent winemagrowers and produce confidential wines. They love their job and wish you to discover wines coming out of conventional schemes.

Wine Passion

L'équipe des Tonneliers restaurant homps

French Cuisine

L'équipe des Tonneliers restaurant homps

French Cuisine

Anne & Alain Maurel, have a long path in pure French tradition catering and like to make a cuisine only based on fresh products. They take pleasure in finding the perfect match of the dishes with the wines that Christophe & Sylvie have discovered.

Diner menu

Italian parmesan tuite ou salmon tartar granny smith apple

Port pluma and saddle lamb ou king pranws


Ginger Abricot charlotte

Menu 32,00 € VAT included


L'équipe des Tonneliers restaurant homps

Wine Time

bar a vin Les tonneliers homps

Wine Bar

Sit in our lounges enjoy the confidential crus of the Clos de Vènes. Takeaway.

La Crose millésime 2015 - Carignan

Le Peyra millésime 2015 - Grenache

Montado Dal Plo millésime 2015 - Syrah

Marsanne millésime 2015 - Marsanne

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Our goal: to make you spend a unique moment where you will appreciate the perfect match betwween Food & Wines .
This web site will evolve until the opening of this unique place.

Opening Time

Eté 2017

From end of May to September

7 days a week

From 19:00

Only by Reservation


May 31st 19:00 by invitation


Find us

23, Quai des Tonneliers

Berges du Canal du Midi

11200 HOMPS

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